Getting Started

Homes sell when the condition, location, and price are in alignment.  Most sellers look to get the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.  Some sellers put time first while putting price on the back burner.  In either scenario, a strategy should be put into place that is tailored to reach your goals.

What is My Home Worth?

To put a value on your home, many factors need to be taken into consideration.  Competition, location, condition, features, etc.  Using the “Zestimate” and other tools available may be able to give you a general idea, but can also be inaccurate because they do not consider all factors.  The most effective way to establish a list price is to have a realtor with expertise in the local market personally look at your home.

Preparing Your Home

Many things can be done to help get your home ready to sell.  A few minor repairs and touch ups can go a long way with potential buyers.  One way to start is to walk through your home and act as if you are a potential buyer.  What do you notice?  Make a list of possible negatives and begin to work on those.  It may be as simple as removing clutter or removing some furniture.  Keeping a room simple will allow buyers to visualize the room and how they intend to use it.  Painting walls in neutral colors will appeal to most buyers.  Even though you love that lime green wall, it will turn off the majority of buyers, and distract them from the features of your home.  Perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your home is to focus on the curb appeal and entrance.  Just a few hours of yard work dressing up your landscaping and main entrance will go a long way with buyers as the first impression is key!

Compass Concierge

With Compass Concierge offered by The Wilhelm & McCune Team, we cover the upfront cost of select services which may increase your home’s selling price. From deep-cleaning to cosmetic renovations, The Wilhelm & McCune Team will work together with you to evaluate your home’s value and create a tailored plan to maximize its potential on the market.

No hidden fees, no interest charged ever.

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